Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In the next few weeks, you will hear the the media start to pick up on this potential for a drought to set in our area. We are dry the last 45 days with extremely low humidities and basically only one day of a rainfall event near one inch in this period. Why you say should we be concerned? The main reason is the same reason why it was in middle March until now-- a very progressive western pattern of low pressure systems that are dying after they reach the middle part of the Ohio Valley because of the lack of southern moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the lack of blocking to form stationary fronts near the east coast in which low pressure systems that ride these fronts and gives us heavy rains and thunderstorms.

What does this mean for our area?. LMT commissioners should keep a keen eye on the base flow of the Little Lehigh Creek. The base flow is down a lot for this time of the year. The media will start to pick up on this soon. If the pattern continues, expect LCA to  issue drought watches or warnings to protect the bottling companies again. This is not a good sign. I am hoping we can get a significant weather pattern change by middle part of May but it is not looking so hot right now.

The eighties will return by the middle part of next week-- right on cue as stated in previous posts.  Poor allergy sufferers are going to be hit hard because of the lack of significant rain to wash the pollen out of the air. If the temps get closer to the 80's, we may see some thunderstorms next week-- I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Enjoy the nice temps in the upcoming week but keep your plants watered because mother nature will only be spitting on them.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I tried to give my readers advance warning ------here is the link for tonight.

It did snow in the Poconos yesterday. You may even see the white crap floating in the air today around the LV. Yes, it may even have frost/freeze all the way down into  Delaware the next few nights. Enjoy the cool temps- and yes this is below normal.

Monday, April 20, 2015


The warm front came through this morning with some moderate rainfall which helped douse the fire on Blue Mtn.  The sun may come out this afternoon. If it does, the temps may actually warm up to the mid- 70's Lets hope so. But with the sun out, the air becomes more unstable and heavier rain and t- storms will form- some severe. Would not be surprised to see us under a severe t-storm watch if the sun comes out this afternoon.

Remember my last post about the white crap by next week. Here is a preview for Carbon County later this week. I said we might a a frost here one of those nights. Game is still on for that frost

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hard to believe my friends but the last week in April looks mighty cold with a possible late freeze between April 25 and May 3. May even see some snow showers in the air. I find it incredible after today's temps near 80 and sunny  but you will not see the 80's again until possibly the second week in May. In fact, I hope you like Seattle weather because that is what it will feel like. Highs in the lower to mid 50's with heavy rain on Monday through Tuesday, then sunny but highs no higher than the 60 degrees the rest of the week. May even see frost one of the mornings if the winds die down enough.

At least the fire danger will go away after Monday. Twenty percent humidity is not good this time of the year. Anyway prepare your plantings during the last week of April to be covered and I would wait until after this period to plant your tomatoes and other temp sensitive plants.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The willows along the Little Lehigh Creek are finally greening with buds on some of my wetland trees. The daffodils are in full bloom and the bleeding hearts are popping out of the ground. Spring has sprung.

I am amazed how much trash is along the local and state roads. Much of this is not do due littering by people but trash blowing out of the back of untarped vehicles and open bin recyclable containers. I will make a request at the LMT EAC  Board to request the Township with their proposed 10 million dollar bond money they are requesting  to provide either larger containers with lids or special stickers for the lids and trash cans of 32 gallon containers with the ability to write down the address of the house on them indicating the container is for recycling only. and do away with all open bin containers by the end of the year. This litter blows directly into the creek or is buried in the farm fields when they are tilled. This is my first step. Volunteer efforts are not enough and if you have driven on Mill Creek RD near Spring Creek Rd or on RT 100 or the RT 222 bypass it is plain disgusting.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Lets see, the marine layer never got scoured out of the area today that landed on our front door this past week. Did not feel good either- upper 30's lower 40's crap and cloudy weather. Many are asking why I said not to plant this week in my last post- this was the reason why. This was all attributed to what we call a back door cold front that hung up just south of Washington DC. In Norfolk VA today it was in the mid 80's sure the hell not here - not even out of the 50's here. Back door fronts are infamous in the spring time to hold onto the cold air longer than one day and are hard to move out of the way, even with a normal cold front approaching our area.

What is very typical in the upcoming months with back door cold fronts are as the air and ocean temps warm up, they lose their grip on controlling our weather for days and also produce good chances of severe weather as the back door cold front becomes a warm front as it retreats back north. As the warm front comes back north, even severe weather and heavy rain accompanies the warm front as it passes north of us. The sun then breaks out in the afternoon- further unstabilizing the air for severe thunderstorms to form prior to the cold front coming through. With the progressive western flow of weather this past winter, you will see more of these scenarios break out in May. The good thing is that hot dry weather is not in our foreseeable future this spring unless this pattern changes in later May.

The upcoming week features 60+ sunny to partly cloudy weather except on Monday night. We may even see a sprinkle or shower tomorrow in the pocket of cold air over us but nothing to worry about. Monday night may see some heavy downpours with rumbles of thunder as another cool front passes by. Since these are Pacific air masses, the weather should remain in the 60's to near 70 degrees even behind the fronts- thats why I call them cool fronts.

This will a good week to fertilize and over seed your yards as the soil temps start to climb out of the 40's. No nights will be below freezing this week. Great week to plant pansies and cool weather veggies. If your yard was like mine, picking up branches is a chore from this winter. The willow trees along the Little Lehigh should start to green up and budding of the trees should be in full swing along with the grasses turning green. One more good rainfall will help that greening process.

Lastly, hurricane season will be iffy this year. With a weak el nino, I am sorry to say that more east coast hurricanes will be prominent unlike last year. Weal El Nino years tend to steer the storms out of the Gulf of Mexico and toward us. In other words, we may see tropical storm flooding this year unlike the last few years.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Hopefully, we get some much needed rain tonight. This will help with the bulbs and finally start greening the grass. Do not plant anything for another couple of weeks though. The soil temps are still way below normal for this time of the year. Soil heaving is still present in the soils because of being frozen, especially on the north sides of the houses. Soil temps should be about 50 degrees before planting anything. Overnight lows are still below freezing in the forecast. Please be patient. Lastly, the buds are just now showing on some trees-we are still 2-4 weeks behind on leafing out of the trees.

I plan on attending the next EAC meeting to bring up a very serious topic with me-- littering. After yesterdays winds, I am so tired of seeing litter blown into the creek from the recycling bins with no lids. Its really bad along Spring Creek Rd and Mill Creek Rd as well. I will try to have answers at the EAC on how we can correct this issue without costing the taxpayers a lot of money.  For those who really wonder why I care so much about littering, my family was the first family to adopt a highway from 1995-2000 in LMT.  We had Rt 100 from McDonalds all the way to Spring Creek Rd. I had to give it up because of my health and because it just became to dangerous to my family with the increased truck traffic.