Thursday, May 28, 2015


For many years now, I have tried my best to protect the Little Lehigh Creek. After living in Southern California for 15 years, I come come to realize how we in Lower Macungie Township are blessed with one of the best drinking water sources in the entire country.

I have included a link to the new labeling requirements for bottle water in California. If you take notice, the labels must indicate the sources of water withdrawals. Please note that many come from the Lehigh Valley, especially in the LCA water system. Many of the bottlers truck in the water from New Tripoli and blend with it with LCA water as well. This begs the question- if people in California love our water so much, what the hell are we doing to protect these water sources?

This water resource within the Little Lehigh Creek Watershed  is not only for bottled water companies, but for Samuel Adams Brewery, Kraft, Ocean Spray, Coke and Bimbo Bakeries. Companies are flocking here to manufacture their products because of our clean water. And what do we do, nothing more to minimally protect the pollutants from storm water into the best drinking water source in the country

Its time for a regional storm water authority to be enacted if we want to continue to invite other water and industrial users from throughout the USA. Our storm water must remain clean, otherwise we will lose what we have worked hard to achieve. Actually the largest  storm water polluter is not the farmer or resident, its Penn DOT and its freightways. Drive along the roads and see how much sediment from eroded ditches and trash from trucks are lining our highways. This must cease. If the EPA is going to crack down on MS4 stormwater permits for municipalities, then Penn DOT must be held to the same standards. I encourage environmental groups to sue Penn Dot for their inaction.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Today was a blistering dry day with SW winds and humidities in the low 30's- felt like Southern California. This is about to change. By Thursday we may even see a thunderstorm-- cross our fingers. Please see the latest drought map link below- I am getting concerned now with the Little Lehigh Creek. If the drought continues, we will see the creek go dry by the end of  July.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Please see the link below. We have had less than an inch of rain since the end of March at my house.  The Little Lehigh Creek gauge is seen below. Note the mean and where we are now. At 71 cfs, we are heading into a severe drought unless we get a significant weather pattern change. I just do not see this happening on the horizon. Once we get down into 40 - 50 cfs at the gauging site, the creek will be going dry in the upper reaches of the watershed. This happened in 1965. We are not far from this point now.

I am sounding the alarm again because I am concerned that water restrictions will be in place for the residents of LMT by LCA by the end of June if the precip continues to dwindle. This will shock everyone because it appears that the media has not contacted LCA about the seriousness of this potential situation. It will be announced unexpectedly and catch many off guard.  LCA is talking about swimming issues now when we should be talking about conserving water.  I am also concerned that areas along the Little Lehigh in LMT will be go dry as the base flow disappears by July if we do not get at least 2-3 inches of rain.

What makes this drought serious is that we are going into the drought from early Spring and moisture in the air has been extremely low. We may again experience a red flag warning on Friday. Thats unheard of in late May around here. What makes matters worse is that the ground water tables really were not recharged  because the spring rains never came and the forest litter is dry. Another way you can tell it has been dry is the leaf  openings have been smaller. Look at some of the trees. The leaves are actually exhibit smaller growth which make the trees appear bare. Sycamore leaves are extremely small for this time of the year.

Lets hope it rains soon. LMT should begin preparations for drought warnings in June. The lawns are starting to turn brown where residents have mowed them too much is occurring throughout the township.

Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for May 20 based on 69 years of record more
Most Recent
Value May 20
Median Mean 75th
34 71 79 104 115 141 319,map