Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I am really apologetic to my commissioner friends and other friends but the time of talk about smart growth, farmland preservation and the cost of artificial turf  has been beaten to death over the past two years.  The residents have one major problem that we need the BOC to get a handle on now and that 10,000 trucks on RT 100 that is expected over the two years in Lower Macungie. Why you may ask?

Here are some reasons why we should be concerned:

1. RT 100, Rt 29, Mill Creek Rd, and RT 100 are the only roads that go north and south in the township. Trucks use them everyday and only Mill Creek Rd is a local road. We do not control where the trucks go and when they go on these roads as they are controlled by Penn Dot. Just imagine if we told you that you had to grocery shop and use only certain roads to get to Walmart, Redners, Weis and Aldi and you could never go to Giant, the new Whole Foods or even Wegmans. You would mad as hell. Well that has now happened. Using RT 100 will be dangerous to say the least and getting to RT 100 will become even more dangerous as residents try to use other local roads to get their local destinations. You have now taken a local road or  collector road and turned it into  an arterial road because residents do not want to use Rt 100 to simply want to avoid the trucks on this highway. That is why Mill Creek Rd and Sauerkraut Rd is becoming more of a dangerous intersection each day because Mill Creek is other only local north south road in LMT.

2. Residents will become extremely vocal right after the intersection improvements at Spring Creek and RT 100.  Why you say? Because now they realize the truck traffic is now in their own backyard. NO where on RT 100 are the residential subdivisions along RT 100 except at Ancient Oaks West, Farmington Hills and Heritage Heights that will be directly affected by this increase in truck traffic. If you notice, there are no residential subdivisions in Upper Macungie so we cannot even compare this situation to their township. and what is LMT doing about this- allowing the nuisance of more truck traffic without more restrictions for these new development.

3. Well, what should we be demanding of our LMT BOC?  Lets start with the signal at Mill Creek RD and  Sauerkraut should be in place before they break ground at the new Weis. I know we cannot demand this from the developer but  we sure the hell can ask for it to installed be asap. It will help their business greatly by making it safer for residents to get to their business.

4. LMT BOC should immediately pass an ordinace to place no U- turn and no trucks allowed signs except local delivery on Aster Rd, Columbine Rd,  Foxglove Rd, Creamery Rd, Saurekraut Rd, Mill Creek Rd and Alburtis Rd. They need to use the same signs they used in Lockridge. I should not have to go to BOC committee meetings to request this. This is a proactive move that should be presented by the BOC and be implemented asap. Just look at the guide rails on Creamery Rd. That should be enough incentive.

5. The LMT BOC should become more proactive for the safety of its residents when it comes to freight traffic. Every conceivable traffic safety precaution should be instituted- from additional signage to direct truck traffic down the correct roads to a closed loop system for signals.  I HAVE COME TO THE SIMPLE REALIZATION THAT NOT ENOUGH IS BEING DONE FOR THE RESIDENTS WHO HAVE LIVED HERE FOR THE PAST 25 YEARS AND LONGER IN THE OLDEST DEVELOPMENTS IN THE TOWNSHIP.

6. Lastly, as I have said before Political Wards should be created. If I get enough money, I will file a petition. It would behoove the BOC to either get on the bandwagon to promote traffic safety issues right now or face a petition for ward creation. The time of talk of smart growth and artificial fields is put on hold until we get this situation under control. The BOC needs to step to the plate and take charge of who runs our township- the developer and his warehouses or the residents who live here.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Today will be a great day for severe weather to pop up in our area- first good chance in a while. Expect tornado/severe thunderstorm watches this afternoon to be issued by the weather service. Be on guard and watch the skies and be prepared if working outdoors. The best part is we have a real good chance of heavy rain. The 2.5 inches we received last week was a million dollar rain for the farmers and landscapers not to mention greening our yellow yards.

However, thats all it did. The Little Lehigh Creek levels rose to bank full for several hours and is back down to below seasonal levels. IMHO, we are still in a moderate drought. Also as the temperatures warm back up into the low 90's this week, the vegetation will soak up any rain we get today and the soils will dry quickly. Little runoff is expected after today.