Friday, July 24, 2015


The cool spell was well deserved, however we go back into the oven by Monday. The a/c will be turned on again by Saturday nigh with lows back into the upper 60's, low 70's and highs in the nineties. Pop-up gully washers are possible from Saturday through Tuesday

Many readers have been wondering about the El Nino that has been in the news. Its way to early to speculate what this means for us. Anybody who is making predictions now is foolish and has no true weather background. The best way is to wait until Novemeber. When you start to see it rain in California, then we should start to worry.

Lastly, their is a chance of a tropical storm/hurricane along the east coast this upcoming week. Its 50-50 on it affecting our weather here. Stay tuned. This could enhance our rainfall chances here big time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


For my friends waiting for true summer temps with highs in the 90's with high humidity and afternoon t- storms-- it's coming by the end of the weekend. After a refreshing Thursday and Friday, the oven is turned on Saturday and we start to cook on Sunday. Beware of the pop up t-storms during the weekend-just adds to the humidity and can be gully washers.  Have fun.

For my suffering friends in Memphis. I said there was going to be a thunderstorm Monday afternoon- did not think the straight line winds would be that bad--comes from a Derecho and or MCS.

Milwaukee enjoy your summer temps and rainy periods- may hit 90 on Sunday

Friday, July 10, 2015


Well, I guess I was close with predicting the tornadic cells last night-- Cabela/Hamburg area hit with an EF1 tornado. Thats pretty close in my book. Enjoy tomorrow because we go right back into the soup again on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Last week we had a surprise supercell thunderstorm over us in the LV that produced severe straight line wind damage. I just want my readers to know that I expect us to be at least under a severe thunderstorm watch tomorrow by 1:30 pm - maybe even a tornado watch as the conditions may favor tornadic/supercell development. Just keep an eye to the skies wherever you are and bundle down those trash cans, patio furniture and recycling bins. Cloud to ground lightning maybe another problem and flooding rains with pea to marble size hail mixed in for good measures is a good bet.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I have a request to explain the "rolling thunder"
 issue last night. Here is my explanation in detail from an abbreviated facebook posted earlier. 

The reason thunder rumbles is due in part to two things. The first being, a lightning bolt is very rarely a straight line and is never equally distant from you at all points. A lightning bolt on average is 4 miles long, it zig-zags all over the place, and can have many limbs that branch out in many different directions separated by many miles. As a result, the compression waves created by each part of the lightning bolt reach you at different times. The sound wave that has traveled a greater distance will be softer and arrive later than a compression wave created by a part of the lightning bolt that was closer to you. The second thing is the compression waves (or the thunder) will bounce around and off the clouds, the ground, and other objects nearby. Much like your voice echoes in a canyon or large auditorium, so do the compression waves generated by lightning. These two things will cause some compressions waves to arrive at the same time which is why the thunder might get loud, then soften a bit, then get loud again (the rumbling we hear). If you have had a lightning bolt crash down really close to you, the thunder doesn’t rumble as much and sounds more like an explosion. That’s because the compression waves didn’t have a chance to bounce off many things before you heard it. Whereas if you were further away, you would of heard the rumbling.

Another rare phenomena was the scud cloud that appears to be a funnel cloud over Trexlertown yesterday. Even though there was a tornado warning, sometimes scud clouds appear in the frontal wall of severe thunderstorms and look like funnel clouds. There was some rotation but in IMHO, there was no funnel cloud even though some spotters say they saw a funnel cloud

Lastly, some spotters saw ball lighting between the anvils of the thunderstorms. This is extremely rare but not unheard of. When you see ball lighting, that is a good indicator of  severe thunderstorms, and cloud to cloud lightning. I am sorry I did not predict the storms, but here in Macungie we received less than .50 of rainfall from last nights rumbling thunderstorms