Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Since we had basically one big hurrah for a snow fall back in January, the ground is pretty parched from the lack of an adequate recharge in the past few weeks with thee little rain that we received as evident by the huge wildfires in the Poconos, red flag warnings issued here in the Lehigh Valley and the lack of a complete  leaf out in many tree species that usually happens this time of the year. Drought stress is really rearing its ugly head.

I am really concerned about the Little Lehigh Creek and its watershed. The Little Lehigh Creek is showing signs of stress by  the trout leaving the upper reaches of the stream. It is very noticeable in my backyard. The stream is below its base line flow, which is usually exhibited in late October. If we do not get substantial rainfall in the next few weeks, which is very doubtful in IMHO, we are in big trouble going into summer.

What should we all do? I know its hard but but we need to curtail our outdoor water usage now and began a self-rationing system of using water all together. I expect a drought watch to be issued by PADEP in the next few weeks is how serious I see this situation and a warning issued by the end of May.

All of the rain is being dumped out in the western part of the state and by the time it crosses the Appalachians, it is gone by the time it reaches the Lehigh Valley. We literally have received dribbles here- just enough to keep the grass green and the flowers blooming- a misnomer indeed. The lows form south us on a stalled front  and the cold fronts with all the precipitation go into NY- leaving us in the middle with no significant rain.  Its really frustrating to see this repeatedly  happening over the last month with no relief in site.

What can we do now? The first thing I would do is call on the Lehigh County Authority and ask them to brush off their drought plan. The I would ask them to consider to shutting off their municipal wells along the Little Lehigh Creek until we have significant rains so the creek does not dry up and ruin the beautiful ecosystem we have in place. Lastly, I would call or email on the Delaware River Basin Commission and express your concerns on this serious situation- for they are the eyes and ears for keeping water flowing in our local streams. Thanks guys

Friday, April 8, 2016


As the groundhog tries to appeal Judge Spring's decision, Mikey says get the salters ready and maybe the plows. The noon models came in with 6+ inches for the Lehigh Valley area. With much of the snow predicted to melt on the asphalt if salt treated, the ground and roads will become white quickly if starts snowing before sunrise, With the  higher sun angle during the day, the snow will have a difficult time accumulating on the roads but it is not impossible if the snow comes down hard enough at sunrise especially at 1-3 inch an hour rates and dollar size flakes. This is a wait and see storm event.

This is also an elevation type of snow event with the higher snow amounts on the ridges, hills and in the shady areas of the valley.   My biggest concern is that trees will be snow loaded and breaking of limbs and even power lines can be a problem. I expect if the snow is coming down hard enough in banding that sets up over the Lehigh Valley, a winter storm warning may be issued at the last second. Just be prepared.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


The Spring County judge has sentenced the groundhog to 60 days in jail after the judge learned that it will snow this weekend-  tulip snow is what the judge is calling it. The judge says the groundhog deserved the sentence for delaying spring as much as three weeks and for damaging or even killing the peach crop with the recent freeze last two nights night. The forecast of snow this weekend just added misery to the month of April. The judge accepted the blogging evidence from Michael Siegel that he warned the community of a nasty April would be back last December. Michael stated that the potential of snowfall this weekend of a couple of inches could be the icing on the cake for the groundhog. Rumor has it the groundhog is on a suicide watch while being incarcerated at the Spring County prison at this time.

 Michael stated the weather could break from this nasty cold spell sometime around April 20th for good.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


After reading the recent  PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) report with link below on the 2016 Blizzard and the stranding of motoristrists in Somerset County there was a complete failure with Accuweather. What stands out in the report was the fact that Accuweather did not update adequately enough for the PTC to react to the changing weather and driving conditions.

What boggles my mind is why the PTC relies on Accuweather in the first place when NOAA issues the storm warnings and advisories for the public.The two weather agencies do not mesh. NOAA has a credible warning system that the motorists and truck drivers rely on for adequate driving conditions. Accuweather does not. Accuweather simply emails or faxes over their forecasts and PTC relies on them.

NOAA and the PTC and PADOT need to sit down and work out a warning system that both public and each agency can feel comfortable working with to prevent motorists from being stranded. Motorists have grown accustomed to travel in snowy conditions with their all wheel terrain vehicles and the NOAA warning system has not yet adapted to this new situation.

I like the PTC warning system as mentioned in the report but the weather officials need to relay this same information to the motorists. I urge you to read the report-- it will wake you up and I welcome your comments


Saturday, April 2, 2016


The past few weeks have been pretty windy around here. The next two days will be no exception. Tropical force winds will be seen. I am hoping everyone can cover the recycling bins, the garbage cans and loose lawn furniture-- they will be blowing around. I pray that the fishermen are not out fishing Sunday morning- tree breaking branches is a good bet along the streams.

Those who listen to me have no worries if they did not plant tender veggies or flowers in the ground, those who did-- say goodbye to those plantings in the next few days. with the freezing temps.  Finally watch for the snow flakes- fluffy and big at times. I said April was going to be miserable and I meant it. Cold, dreary at times for the next few weeks.  Then Spring finally stays for good.

I hope we can get some decent rains in the next few weeks. We are way below average in rainfall bigtime. Lastly, enjoy the snow that we get. It may accumulate  enough to whiten things nicely for picture taking but will be gone by mid-morning.