Friday, October 7, 2016


Well as the cold front shunts Hurricane Matthew out to sea for a loop de loop pattern, we in the LV get jack crap for rainfall. I really thought this storm would be a pattern changers- wrong. Needless to say we need the rain and we will get nada -- less than .45 inch and that is even on the high side. The only thing I did say right is the possible landfall spot for Hurricane Matthew- still going for SC border area with NC

I was alo wrong on the drought warning being issues by PADEP.  PADEP drought task force  thought Hurricane Matthew was going to give us relief and thus failed to issue the warning this past Tuesday. I expect them now to issue one after their  next meeting in two weeks or possibly even sooner. The groundwater tables have already met for drought warning status and the two inch rain we had at the beginning of the month did little to replenish the aquifer ore even the stream flow for our area.

It will get cooler however with the passing cold front on Saturday-- lows in the upper 30's and highs in the upper 50's - lower 60's.  Fall is here- just wish the rain was as too.