Monday, November 14, 2016


I said in my last blog about the chance of a November snow and getting cold. Sunday night may be the first of many cold spells coming up with a chance of the white stuff mixing with rain in the Lehigh Valley and accumulating snow in the Poconos. What is my winter outlook?

Snows will be abundant with the ground being white most of the winter. Above average snowfall is expected. The first accumulating snow will happen before  Pearl Harbor Day (Dec 7) in this weak La Nina year.  We will see many cloudy days with one rain/snow storm after another. Many of the snow cutoff lines will run through Montgomery County  or what I call the Fall line (South Mountains) this winter. I do see a significant amount of ice storms this year as warm fronts will be blazing through our area. It will be cold- below normal starting in early December. This will be the talk of the town.

What I do hope to see is significant rains followed by heavy snows, otherwise we are in deep do do and will be in a Drought emergency by Christmas. Lets hope for a big Christmas snow this year- we are way overdue for one.

I will keep you on top of the winter storms as much as possible but lets be realistic this year. Many of the storms in a LaNina year are hard to predict snow vs rain as the cutoff line is very close to the Lehigh Valley. Hopefully we will get the cold to go along with the precip this year.