Wednesday, January 18, 2017


If you look at the west coast radar tonight, they are getting slammed with another Pacific pineapple storm. This storm unlike many of the others so far this season will actually be a rainmaker for us come Sun- Tues. We have a 50 percent chance of seeing portions of Spring Creek Rd under water on Tuesday.  One to three inches of rain is a good bet for Eastern PA and flood watches should be issued on Sunday. Do not be surprised to see a thunderstorm as well- a rarity in January

I have not said much about winter weather because in the last week or so it has virtually been non-existent. We have had only couple of inches of snow this year but that is about to change around Ground Hog Day. Finally some of the ocean moisture will meet with the cold air to form some coastal storms chances for our area. I am crossing my fingers this time.

Even though we may have two or more inches of rain next week, this is not an end to the current drought. We need 5-8 inches of rain over a long period of time or 20 inches of snowpack on the ground for 3 weeks. I see neither happening this winter.  Its hard to believe but even if we get two inches of rain, we will still only be normal for January precipitation. The quarter inch or less slop for each storm event that we have had since mid December has done little to recharge the base flow of the Little Lehigh Creek and groundwater conditions in our watershed. We need a significant weather pattern change and that will not happen until early to mid February at the earliest.

Protect your bulbs as they will start to pop in the next week or so with the 50 degree weather. It will get cold again and I hope it does not damage them.

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