Sunday, February 12, 2017


The wishful thinking of another major snowstorm this week is gone. We are running out of time for winter. In my humble opinion, winter is over. Snow lovers, we need to really pray hard if you want to see a major snowstorm in our area in the next few weeks.

The worst of this nasty weather pattern is the continued drought situation. Sure the six inch snow helped but realistically it was just a band-aid on a bleeding arterial wound. The municipalities and LCA better hope for a weather pattern change or we will be going into spring with another major deficit in rainfall and groundwater recharge for our wells. Personally, if I was the PA Fish Commission, I would not stock the Little Lehigh Creek this year until we receive decent rains in March.

The rains we have received including today have been pitiful. Whats even worse is that we were only 200 miles away from 70 degree weather. The evapotranspiration rates will go through the roof in March and April in this current dry weather pattern which will help dry up the Little Lehigh Creek again. The trees will start to leaf out early in March instead of late April and will help suck out more water from the ground. We have basically no ground water recharge for our aquifers for the Spring, the second year in a row. This is not good.

I hope the weather pattern changes soon but as long as the Gulf of Mexico is shut down for storm origination and the storms race across the country from California, the Mid Atlantic region will suffer. Keep an eye on California Oroville Dam situation- it could fail in the next few days- their drought is over.